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It's time to head back to the classroom, and children need to get ready for their upcoming routine changes. To that end, The Tutoring Center, Commack, NY, has some tips you can follow to help your child make their back-to-school transition more manageable. If you are interested in this topic, read below.

Talk to Your Child

Aside from the excitement of going back to school, your child may be anxious about separating from you or meeting new people and situations. To make them feel more comfortable, talk to your child and help them anticipate their new routine and activities.

Set an Earlier Bedtime

A big part of switching back to school routine is getting to bed earlier; for that reason, get your child used to their new sleeping schedule before they start school. To do so, set an earlier night routine by moving their bedtime 30 minutes before the expected time each night until reaching school's sleep-wake habits.

Motivate Your Child to Set Goals

Settling down at school may take some time for your child; however, motivation can help them get back with a positive mindset. To that end, ask your child about their interests or goals for the new school year. They may want to read more books, make more friends, or improve at their favorite sport.

Instill Your Child Time Management

Preparing your child for their new school routine requires balancing their time between their academic requirements and extracurricular activities. Therefore, you can help them schedule their workload by breaking down their tasks into daily manageable goals using a planner app or a calendar.

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