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Tutor helping struggling child with math and science
Suzanne Sangiorgio has been an educator for over 18 years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Education from City University of New York and her Masters degree in Secondary Education and Certificate in Educational Leadership from Long Island University. As a former 7-12 classroom general/special education teacher, college adjunct, teacher supervisor and mother of three, her passion is to help each individual student reach their greatest potential. Suzanne’s extensive experience in the classroom has taught her that one-to-one personalized instruction is the most effective way to help children succeed. 

 When not teaching, Suzanne enjoys spending time with her husband Peter, their three children and her dog. She also enjoys playing the piano, reading and crossword puzzles. 

 Suzanne’s goal in opening a Tutoring Center on her home of Long Island, is to support the local school districts and their students. She aspires to effectuate change by increasing scholastic performance and building academic confidence in the children of her community. 

 Our team at The Tutoring Center of Commack is a highly professional, dedicated staff determined to help your child succeed. The personal attention, low distractibility and tailored assistance your child will receive at The Tutoring Center of Commack will help them achieve academic growth faster and in a way that is far superior to any other system.

Charles Plate
I am a recent graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, where I earned a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. My classes really peaked my interest in mathematics, so I worked part time as a math tutor for all four years of college. During my time tutoring, I developed a passion for teaching kids of all ages. Not only did I enjoying sharing my inordinate love for math with students, but I discovered the rewarding feeling of watching the “lightbulb go on” in their heads. At the tutoring center I am taking my next step into the realm of education, and hopefully watching some more lightbulbs go off while I’m at it!


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Our classrooms feature an intense learning environment that combines “The Rotational Approach to Learning” and One-To-One Instruction. Both methods were developed by Edward S.Thalheimer, Ph.D., founder of THE TUTORING CENTER. Our innovative system gives your child far more One-to-One Instruction than he or she will ever receive in a classroom full of children, or even in a small group.

You have many choices available for your child, and we want you to make the choice that's in your child's best interest. For instance, many schools provide after-school tutoring or intervention programs for students who are having difficulty in school, and maybe your child has been offered one in the past. Even though these programs are free to families, current research indicates that these programs are inefficient and time-consuming. Since they focus mostly on completing your child's homework, they can not offer you a permanent solution. While school-based tutoring may provide your child with short-term homework help, THE TUTORING CENTER's intense One-to-One Instruction and "The Rotational Approach to Learning™" actually provide your child with long-term skills that will last a lifetime.


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